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DLT Barcode Labels

All DLT Barcode label types are supported:
DLT IV, DLT III XT, DLT III, DLT with check character, DLT User Defined Text, DLT Custom Labels, DLT Cleaning Barcode Labels, DLT Diagnostic Barcode Labels

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Name: DLT-01-W1
Desc: STK DLT III - Hot + ID=C

Name: DLT-02-W1
Desc: STK DLT III XT - Hot + ID=E

Name: DLT-03-W1
Desc: STK DLT III Cleaning + ID=C

Name: DLT-04-W1
Desc: STK DLT IV - Hot + ID=D

Name: DLT-07-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - 6 Warm - Right

Name: DLT-07-W2
Desc: ADIC DLT - Type 2 - 6 Warm - Right

Name: DLT-06-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - 6 Warm - Bottom

Name: DLT-10-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - 8 Warm - Top

Name: DLT-08-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - 5 Warm - Top

Name: DLT-09-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - 6 Warm - Top

Name: DLT-11-W1
Desc: ATL/Sun DLT - 6 Positional - Bottom

Name: DLT-11-W2
Desc: ATL/Sun DLT - 8 Positional - Bottom

Name: DLT-11-W3
Desc: ATL/Sun DLT- 6 Positional - Left

Name: DLT-12-W1
Desc: Benchmark DLT - 6 Hot + B Suffix - Right

Name: DLT-11-W4
Desc: ATL/Sun DLT - Type 3

Name: DLT-13-W1
Desc: Breece Hill DLT - 5 Characters

Name: DLT-14-W1
Desc: Breece Hill DLT - 6 Characters

Name: DLT-15-W1
Desc: Breece Hill DLT - 8 Characters

Name: DLT-16-W1
Desc: ADIC DLT - Diagnostic - 6 Characters

Name: DLT-17-W1
Desc: STK DLT - Diagnostic + ID=C

Name: DLT-GR-W1
Desc: Grau DLT



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